Emergency care due to school and daycare closings

Thanks to the active support of Charité students, employees of Charité and CFM, KidsMobil and the Freundeskreis der Charité, we have been offering emergency childcare on Monday, March 16, at the three bed-leading campuses of the Charité according to the following regulations:

  • Only healthy children can be looked after. Sick children, children in quarantine or children with Covid-19 symptoms cannot be looked after.
  • As soon as the caregiver sees symptoms, the children must be picked up.
  • Childcare times are Mon - Fri from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (no holidays)
  • The children are looked after in small groups by carers from KidsMobil here:
    • CCM: seminar rooms at Virchowweg 9 (behind the blood donation)
    • CVK: parent-child room next to the guest house, entrance Seestr.
    • CBF: Parent-child room in the main building next to the west auditorium
  • Registration takes place exclusively through the family office. The documents below must be sent to familienbuero(at)charite.de. In addition, the supervisor must have a business need.
  • After confirmation by the family office, the children can then be brought to the appointed time and place.
  • Employees from BIH, CFM and other Charité-companies can also use the childcare.
  • Charité bears the costs of care.

If you need emergency childcare, please only contact: familienbuero(at)charite.de and 450 577 257.

If you register with all the necessary documents by 12 noon, you will receive feedback on the same day as to whether you can bring your child the next day. Due to the limited capacities, emergency care is primarily offered to children by clinical staff and related areas. Children with additional staff can also be looked after if capacity is available. The superiors of the employees must confirm the need for work (registration form).

Please use primarily the emergency care provided by the schools and day care centers for systemically important staff.


Phone: (030) 450 577 257
E-Mail: familienbuero(at)charite.de

Office: Westring 1, floor 1, room 1.1015

Our consultation hours

Tuesday from 11am until 1pm at CVK (Parent-child room at entrance Seestraße 4, next to the guesthouse, room 0.0120)

Wednesday from 11am until 1pm at CCM (Parent-child workplace in Hufelandweg 2, ground floor, room 56 | 57)