Agreement on aims and objectives

By agreeing to reauditing, the Executive Board of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin reaffirms its commitment to its 2007 pledge to implement improved family-friendly processes and measures. It also confirms its continued cooperation with the 'family-friendly employer' and 'family-friendly university' audits.

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Structural arrangements at CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin promote and support the close integration of medical research and patient care. The reauditing process is specifically designed to reflect this integrated structure in its evaluation of different divisions, services, and departments.

In order to do justice to the organization's structural arrangements, both audits are carried out simultaneously, and result in a joint report detailing agreed targets and objectives.

In a workshop aimed at defining the strategic focus of corrective measures, the Executive Board agreed on a general framework, and defined general aims and key areas of action. The general framework was then used to guide further discussions. These took place as part of specific workshops involving both staff and students, which were held to develop concrete measures and objectives for individual areas, services, or departments. They also involved relevant members of staff from either the hospital or faculty administration.

The process aims to achieve a shift in culture regarding the need for, and potential benefits of, family-friendly options for staff and students. This is to be achieved through an awareness-raising campaign and the implementation of concrete measures.

First and foremost, reauditing can help us to recognize where at CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin there is scope for improvement in terms of balancing work/study and family life. It can also help us to define and implement corrective actions.

The aim of strengthening the organization's family-friendly credentials and image is to make Charité more attractive as a place of work/study, and will encourage existing staff and students to identify more strongly with the organization/faculty.

This includes the equal participation of women in all training and career opportunities which, given current demographic developments, is inevitable across all professional categories.  Another key aim is to achieve increased satisfaction with conditions at work and/or study.

The organization endeavors to make improvements to the atmosphere at work, and to achieve better integration and coordination of individual initiatives and activities within Charité. This should enable both members of staff and students to achieve a better balance between work/study and family life.

A review assessing the achievement of objectives and progress-measuring criteria is scheduled for September 2013

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