Steering Committee

The reauditing process will be overseen by a Steering Committee, which will review the prioritization, coordination, and implementation of all agreed measures. The Steering Committee will meet throughout the reauditing process to discuss which implementation steps are necessary.

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Members of the Steering Committee:

  • Sabine Barleben / Family-friendly Charité Coordinating Office
  • Dr. Christine Brand / Chair of the Full Staff Committee at Charité
  • Uwe Dolderer / Head of Corporate Communications and Press Officer
  • Judith Heepe / Director of Nursing
  • Dr. Jan-Steffen Jürgensen / Chair of the Advisory Board
  • Astrid Lurati / Hospital Director
  • Prof. Dr. Pries / Dean
  • Heidrun Resag / Mediator
  • Christof-Martin Schmitt / Head of Legal Services
  • Jens Steinbrink / Head of Corporate Development