Charité for parents/carers

There is no doubt that you are familiar with the feeling of wanting to do your very best in your job or career, but at the same time not wanting to neglect the needs of your children. This can present a real challenge. In fact, being able to fully concentrate on one's work because one knows that the children are being looked after is key to achieving job satisfaction.

This is why Charité – Universitätsmedizin aims to provide the support you need to achieve a healthier work-life balance. Please use the information below to find out about what is on offer.

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Details of childcare-related services

Here, you will find information on day care centers situated in close proximity to the four Charité campuses.

You will find information on regular and flexible child care options, as well as details of emergency arrangements available when you need to work overtime or when your child is ill.

You can also find information on holiday child care, our 'Kinderzimmer' (children's rooms), and details of baby change and breastfeeding facilities which are available on our campuses.