Changing and breastfeeding facilities

Changing and breastfeeding facilities are available on the campuses Mitte, Virchow-Klinikum, and Benjamin Franklin.

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Campus Mitte:

• Kinderzimmer (children's room): For address and keys, please see Kinderzimmer (children's rooms)
Campus Virchow-Klinikum:

• Breastfeeding room: Mittelallee 8-9, Level 3, Ward 37 (Please let the ward staff know if you would like to use this facility)
• Changing facilities (in the antechamber of the toilet/washroom): Teaching Building (Lehrgebäude), Forum 3, Level 2
• Breastfeeding and changing facilities within the Parent-Child Room. For information, please see Kinderzimmer (children's rooms)
Campus Benjamin Franklin:

• Breastfeeding and changing facilities: Main Building (V B, 5013), Level 5, Room 5168 (keys available from the porter's lodge at Nordrampe)