Before parental leave

If you are expecting an addition to the family and would like to take parental leave, you are likely to have many questions, such as:

  • When and how should I be informing my manger of my pregnancy?
  • How can I ensure I get the most out of my time away from work?
  • Which documents and/or forms will I need, and what are the key dates or deadlines I need to observe?
  • What else should I be aware of?

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Provided by the Office of Family Affairs

Important information on parental leave:

  • The right to parental leave applies to both parents equally, and is intended to allow parents to provide care and education for the first 36 months of the child's life.
  • A contract of employment continues during parental leave. The employee has the right to return to their previous position at the end of their leave. The contractual relationship is merely placed on hold for the duration of parental leave and is reinstated once the member of staff returns to work. The member of staff should therefore be treated in accordance with the conditions and responsibilities stated in the contract of employment.
  • With the consent of the employer, employees may bank up to 24 months of their leave entitlement (since 1.July 2015). Banked leave can then be used at any point between the child's third and eighth birthdays, for instance during the child's first year at school. (Source: as at: 2015).

Since July 2015, parents have been entitled to claim ElterngeldPlus, an additional parental allowance, which provides a number of benefits:

  • Parents who work part-time can extend their entitlement period
  • If both parents decide to work part-time, both are entitled to a 'partnership bonus'                  
  • More flexibility for parental leave arrangements

For further information on the 'Elterngeld' parental leave allowance and 'ElterngeldPlus', and to download the relevant brochures, please go to Information/Downloads.

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Human Resources.