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Who do I contact if I feel overwhelmed by the pressures of study and family responsibilities? Who are the relevant contacts and what services are available?

On the following pages, you will find details of some of the services offered by Charité, Studentenwerk Berlin (student services organization), and student initiatives.

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Campusnet Student Portal

  • Please use the Campusnet portal to find detailed information on the course syllabus, registration, and relevant information for students with children Go to Campusnet portal

The Office of Family Affairs

The Office of Family Affairs provides information and advice on combining work/study and family life.

The Office can provide you with the relevant internal or external contacts, whether you are hoping to arrange childcare, caring for a relative, or hoping to return to your studies after parental or family leave.

FSI Charité (student representatives)

The members of the FSI sit on various faculty committees, where they represent the interests and concerns of the student body.

The FSI is divided into three different groups:

  • Fachschaftsinitiative Medizin (Medicine) Link
  • Fachschaft Zahnmedizin (Dentistry) Link 

Fachschaft Gesundheitswissenschaften und Medizin- und Pflegepädagogik (Health Care Sciences and Medical/Nursing Pedagogy) Link


In an effort to improve conditions for students and support those who are struggling, Charité introduced MediCoach, a coaching program that provides targeted support for medical students. Student parents may also benefit from the expertise and support of the MediCoach team.


ProMedikids represents the interests of student parents.

  • A first port of call for student parents looking for advice and/or support.
  • Representing the interests of student parents while developing a network of support
  • A targeted approach to tackling specific problems
  • Working with faculty representatives to find mutually-acceptable solutions

ProMediKids website

ProMediKids facebook group

Email promedikids(at) 

Email studierenmitkind(at)

The Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs: Link

Abteilung für Curriculumorganisation (Curriculum Planning Unit) and the Dieter Scheffner Center for Medical Education and Educational Research: Link

Studentenwerk (student services organization)

  • Welfare advice Link
  • Psychological counseling/psychotherapy Link
  • Students with children Link
  • Key topics covered by the brochure Link

Support for Fathers

Our team of volunteers is dedicated to providing advice specifically aimed at “becoming a dad/being a dad.”

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