Student parents

Being a student parent is a major challenge. It is often more akin to a tightrope walk than a mere balancing act, trying one's hardest to do as well as possible at university while also living up to one's family responsibilities.

How can I successfully combine studies with a child/children? What childcare options are available? Who are the people I need to speak to?

Whether you are a student parent at the beginning of your studies or part-way through your course, you are likely to be looking for answers to these and many other questions.

The Office of Family Affairs would like to offer you their support in finding answers to your questions, sourcing relevant information, and finding a balance between study and family life.

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Services for student parents

The following pages provide details of a range of relevant services. They also provide information on hardship funds, taking a leave of absence, final year rotations (PJ) on a part-time basis, family caregivers and so on.

You will find information on flexible, personalized childcare, which is available in emergencies or when your child is ill. You will also find information on day care centers, which are situated close to the four Charité campuses.

You can also use these pages to find up-to-date information on holiday care, and to find out more about our children's rooms (Kinderzimmer), and the baby change and breastfeeding facilities which are available on each of the campuses.