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My child is sick and I cannot go to my lectures/practicals. I need childcare for my child. What are my options? Where can I find baby change and breastfeeding facilities?

Childcare options available to student parents include both regular childcare arrangements and flexible childcare arrangements. Students with children may require backup childcare options to complement their regular childcare arrangements; for instance, when there is a disruption to normal arrangements, when there are changes in lecture timetables or exam dates, when practical placements are assigned, or when a child gets ill. In these instances, backup childcare options can provide invaluable support.

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Childcare options

This page provides information on both regular childcare options and emergency child care arrangements. In addition to providing information on holiday childcare options, this page also provides information on our 'Kinderzimmer' (children's room), and details of baby change and breastfeeding facilities available on our campuses.

The team of the Office of Family Affairs aims to support members of staff and students who need childcare during the holidays. In addition to providing access to all the relevant information, the team provide active support in securing and coordinating holiday childcare.

Parent-Child Room on CVK

“On behalf of the Executive Board, I would like to thank everyone who has helped us in this endeavor, for their tireless work, commitment and determination,” said Hospital Director Astrid Lurati in her address to guests of all ages. As an organization, Charité has an interest in ensuring that members of staff can continue to go to work even when there is a brief disruption to their normal childcare arrangements. In fact, Charité relies on backup childcare options to ensure this is the case. “Rather than being an exception at Charité, such facilities must become the norm,” added Astrid Lurati.

The room, which is approximately 100 m2 (1076 ft2) in size, comprises several well-equipped seating and play areas, a screened-off section containing a change table, a small kitchenette, and a washroom. “The new children's room is large enough to accommodate several parents and their children,” explains Sabine Barleben, Head of the Office of Family Affairs and the person responsible for initiating the project. “Our experiences on Campus Mitte have been very positive, with parents cooperating and coordinating mutually supportive child care arrangements.” This new Parent-Child Room would also be a suitable venue for holiday clubs for children or for Elterncafé (Parent Cafe) events. The project is supported by the TRR43 Collaborative Research Center led by Prof. Dr. Frank Heppner, the Office of the Vice Dean for Research, Dr. Helmar Wauer (Hospital Business Director), and Norbert Dunker (Corporate Development).

Campus Charité Mitte has had a Parent-Child Room since late 2011. “Over time, the Parent-Child-Room has become the first port of call for parents requiring emergency childcare,” says Sabine Barleben. The room is also being used for childcare during conferences, or for student advisory meetings for student parents. Demand for this type facility is such that another Parent-Child Room is to be opened on Campus Benjamin Franklin. The project initiators are in the process of locating suitable rooms and securing the necessary support.

Parent-Child Room on CCM

If you need a quiet room to breastfeed or change your baby, or if you need a place where your child can spend some time while you work or study, please feel free to use our children's room. The room offers plenty of toys and games, as well as a safe place for your baby to get some rest.

The room is also a good place to meet other parents, and can serve as a childcare facility during meetings or conferences.

The Office of Family Affairs is pleased to be able to offer access to Charité's first children's room, a room where staff and students with children can coordinate mutually supportive childcare arrangements.
The room, which was first opened in 2012, was made possible thanks to the generous support of TR36, Charité CFM, Philips, and MediKids.

Mobile toy trolley

•    Are you having to entertain your child while at work?
•    Are you expecting child visitors?
•    Are you planning to provide childcare for an event?

Thanks to the support of TR36, we have been able to acquire a mobile toy trolley, which staff can borrow. With plenty for children to do, the trolley helps prevent boredom, ensures your day at work runs smoothly, and that your event is a success.

next playgrounds

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Campus Charité Mitte

  • Invalidenpark, Habersaathstraße 4A, 10115 Berlin
  • Borsigpark I, Invalidenstraße 130-131, 10115 Berlin
  • Die Drachenburg, Bergstr. 14, 10115 Berlin

 Campus Virchow-Klinikum

  • Spielplatz auf dem Campusgelände, Mittelweg X
  • Sprengelpark, 13353 Berlin
  • Sparrplatz, 13353 Berlin
  • Volkspark Rehberge II. Dohnagestell 4, 13351 Berlin

 Campus Benjamin Franklin 

  • Schlosspark Lichterfelde, Hindenburgdamm 100, 12203 Berlin
  • Marschnerstr. 43, 12203 Berlin
  • Dschungelspielplatz, Dalandweg 34, 12167 Berlin
  • Dalandweg 34, 12167 Berlin

emergency child care

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Changing and breastfeeding facilities

Campus Mitte:

• Kinderzimmer (children's room): For address and keys, please see Kinderzimmer (children's rooms)
Campus Virchow-Klinikum:

• Breastfeeding room: Mittelallee 8-9, Level 3, Ward 37 (Please let the ward staff know if you would like to use this facility)
• Changing facilities (in the antechamber of the toilet/washroom): Teaching Building (Lehrgebäude), Forum 3, Level 2
• Breastfeeding and changing facilities within the Parent-Child Room. For information, please see Kinderzimmer (children's rooms)
Campus Benjamin Franklin:

• Breastfeeding and changing facilities: Main Building (V B, 5013), Level 5, Room 5168 (keys available from the porter's lodge at Nordrampe)